Irvine Unified School District



The Board of Education recognizes the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of personal information and, therefore, authorizes the release of or access to such information only in accordance with law and Board Policy.

The Superintendent or designee may release student directory information, as defined in administrative regulations, to representatives of law enforcement, public safety agencies, military services, the news media and school-affiliated organizations in accordance with administrative regulations, unless the parent requests in writing that such information be kept confidential.

Upon request of a California school district to which a former Irvine Unified School District pupil has transferred, the cumulative records shall be forwarded to that district.  Registration cards, report cards and other records shall be maintained by the school principal, according to Administrative Code (Title V) requirements.

For students who have left the District, but whose cumulative records have not been requested by another district, the records will be stored and microfilmed in accordance with existing records retention procedures.

The recording of data into, or access to a teacher's grade book record or other form of student record, shall be limited to those District employees that have direct responsibility for creating the record or have justifiable access to the record based on their assigned responsibility.

Adopted:  April 9, 1973
Revised:  June 3, 2003
Revised:  June 27, 2006

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