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Irvine CA 92604
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Call 949.936.5890 for more information and space availability.


Forms Required for ECLC Enrollment:

1. Online Web Enrollment Forms (*if new to ECLC): CLICK HERE

Underlined Documents are available in PDF to print and complete. Click on the title to access the PDF .

2 Admissions Agreement

3. Parent Consent Form

4. Health and Development Packet

5. Health Screening Consent Form

6. Immunization Record

7. Birth Certificate of child

8. Residency Verification Packet

9. Physician's Report

10. Parent Rights

11. Personal Rights

12. Consent For Medical Treatment

Additional Information Needed:

1. Parent Identification

3. 2 Utility Bills or other proof of residency

4. Birth Certificates of all children under 18 if applying for Subsidized Funding

5. Income Verification if applying for Subsidized Funding

To determine eligibility for Subsidized Funding Click Here