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Alternative Education: What Is It?
A discussion of the underlying beliefs about Alternative Education and its Mission
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Irvine Home School 

The Irvine Home School is an alternative educational option built around an independent study model for parents who choose to home school their children. Certificated staff provide a support system of educational guidance and assistance to families who are home schooling. 

(949) 936-7440 

Irvine Adult Education

Offers high school diploma, vocational, E.S.L., and community service-based educational opportunities for adults and recommended high school students. Classes are held at locations throughout the district.  (949) 936-7457

Creekside High School

(Secondary Education Learning Facilitator). An accredited small alternative high school focusing individual attention on a student's education in light of his or her particular goals and needs. . . committed to academic creativity and self responsibility. (949) 936-7446 

San Joaquin High School 

An accredited small alternative high school that combines academic studies with a variety of other work/study options in a independent study format enabling students to obtain the high school diploma. (949) 936-7440

Programs that Deal with Social and Emotional Growth of Students


Meets the social/emotional needs of K-6 students. This program focuses on improving classroom behavior, academic achievement, self-concept, and career decision-making. 


An innovative program for grades 6-8 that teaches critical social skills which improves resistance to peer pressure for drug abuse, academic achievement, discipline, and self-concept. Contact Guidance Resources at (949) 936-7980. 


Life Skills for Adolescents -- High School level. This program promotes learning and understanding of self. 

STAR K-12 

Social Thinking And Reasoning: K-12 Programs that teach social skills, peer pressure skills, criticism techniques, problem solving skills and understanding personality styles. This program improves assertive communication, decreases passive and aggressive behavior and teaches students self-responsibility. Skills lead to internal resiliency to resist substance use and abuse. 


Helps K-12th grade children cope with changes. Project STAGES is a program for teachers and students to learn skills to manage reactions to major changes. 

STAGES K-12 and Independent Study 

STAGES is a program that teaches students how to understand and manage reactions to changes in their lives. Whether moving, changing grades or friendships, to the more complicated changes of divorce and loss, students will be given an emotional road map that will empower them to take responsibility for their own feelings and reactions and to show compassion to others experiencing change. Skills lead to internal resiliency and healthy decision making. 

Curriculum and trainings are available in these programs as well as training in Anger Management, Harassment, The 7 Fundamentals of Self-Esteem, and Resiliency. Call Guidance Resources, (949) 936-7980. Ask for Christine Honeyman or Nancy Colocino. 

Other Specialized Programs

Academic Advisement/Counseling 
At all schools, grades 7-12. 

Alternative Program for Academically Accelerated Students (APAAS) 

Provides a greater academic challenge for high achieving students, grades 3-6, in a full time program. (949) 936.5120 

Early Start - Preschool Childcare

Subsidized child care program for 3-5 year olds.  (949) 936-5855

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) 

Programs at each school provide unique educational opportunities for gifted and talented children, grades K-12, to bridge the gap between potential and achievement. 

Headstart Program 

Preschool for 3 & 4 year olds. (949) 936-5880 

Health and Nursing Services 

School nurses conduct vision, hearing and scoliosis screening, evaluate student health status, make medical referrals as indicated, provide emergency services and instruction, supervise specialized health care procedures, assist with student health instruction and activities. Contact Health Services at (949) 936-7920. 

Home Teaching 

For students out for an extended period of time due to acute illness. (949) 936-7481 

Language Minority Programs

Serving Limited English Proficient (LEP) language students whose native languages include Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and others. Options include a Newcomer English Language Development Program (ELD) especially for recent immigrants in grades K-8 at three sites (949) 936.5000. 

Montessori Program Springbrook Kindergarten

  A program using Montessori techniques for Kindergarten students. (949) 936-6050

Montessori Program, Springbrook Grades 1-6

A program using Montessori techniques for English speaking and bilingual children. (949) 936-6050

School Age Child Care 

Child Care services are available through the Joint Powers Agreement between the City of Irvine and the Irvine Unified School District. Contact Neighborhood School. 

School Readiness

Integrated services for both parents and professionals that build strong families and healthy children.  (949) 936-5862

Special Education Preschool Program  

These special day classes serve children from 3-6 years of age who have a significant developmental delay. Contact the Preschool  at (949) 936-5890. 

Special Tutoring 
Academic Tutoring  

A list of tutors in academic subjects is available solely as a service to parents, and does not represent IUSD endorsement of any individual tutor . (949) 936.5000 

Substance Abuse Prevention, Curriculum Resources, Inservice Programs, Community Resources, Referral Services for Students  

Contact Guidance Resources at (949) 936-7980 or the District Office at (949) 936.5000. 

Referrals to Outside Sources 

In health and counseling. Contact District Office Special Education Department at (949) 936.5000 or Health Services at (949) 936-7920. 

Special Education and Services 

Special Education programs and services available for special education students Preschool-12. Please contact the District Office for information on the following services. (949) 936.5000 

Adaptive Physical Education Program 

Aids the student with a handicap to achieve physical, mental, emotional and social growth commensurate with his or her handicap through a carefully planned program of regular and special physical education. 

Additional Programs Available by Agreement With Other Districts  

Please call for information or answers to questions. 

Developmentally Disabled Classes  

These special day classes are for students who are developmentally disabled. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (6-12)  

Operated by Orange County Department of Education. 

Horizons Youth Training Program  

A youth employment and training program for secondary students. Horizons participants are eleventh and twelfth grade students who may experience some learning problems, but who are well prepared to be competitively employed. Horizons helps to link these students to the business community. 

Language Speech and Hearing Program  

At each school, this program provides remedial instruction, training and/or therapy to students evaluated as having special needs in the areas of communication, speech, language or hearing. 

Psychological Services  

At each school, this program provides services to children, parents, teachers, administrators, community agencies and the school system through psycho-educational assessment and diagnosis of specific learning, emotional, and behavioral disabilities, counseling, consultation, and referral and consultation services to and with community agencies. 

Resource Specialist Program (K-12)

At each school, this program provides direct instructional services to special education students who spend the majority of their school day in the regular classroom. Contact your local school Psychologist. 

Secondary Special Education Programs (7-12) 

Provides student with a minimal or total support system (academic, behavioral, personal, vocational, transition) through which he/she is empowered to function successfully within the core curriculum program and in the community after graduation. 

Special Day Classes (K-12)  

Provides the individual student with a total support system (academic, behavioral, personal) through which he/she can acquire knowledge and those skills necessary to function in the regular classroom and ultimately in society. 

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