Immunization Guidelines


  1. POLIO:
    • Kindergarten through 12th grade ...... 4 Doses at any age, or 3 Doses if one on or after 4th birthday
  1. Tdap or DTP Booster (Booster must contain pertussis):
    • 7th through 12th grade......1 Dose must be on or after the 7th birthday
  1. DTP/DTaP/DT/Td:
    • Age 6 or younger:..........5 Doses at any age or 4 Doses if 1 Dose after 4th birthdate
    • Age 7 years or older:.....4 Doses at any age or 3 Doses; 1 Dose must be on or after 2nd birthday
  1. MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella):

Kindergarten through 12th grade .......2 Doses; both on or after 1st birthday

    • Two Doses of measles-containing vaccine required; one dose of mumps and rubella-containing vaccine required; mumps vaccine is not required for children 7 years of age or older.
    • Measles Disease must be verified in writing by doctor.
    • Rubella & Mumps Disease must be laboratory confirmed and verified in writing.
    • Kindergarten through 12th grade ..........3 Doses at any age
    • Kindergarten.........1 Dose
    • Out-of-State Entrants (Grades 1-12)...........1 Dose for children under 13 years; 2 doses are needed if immunized on or after 13th birthday.
  • Physician-documented varicella (chickenpox) disease history or immunity meets the varicella requirements.


A Restatement of Immunization Requirements as Issued by the State of California


California immunization laws and Irvine Unified School District Policy 5141.31 require that upon school entry all pupils must show written proof of immunizations.  A personal immunization record completed by physician or clinic or the blue California School Immunization Record from a former school, or another state’s school record serves as documented proof and must include:

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s birthdate
  • Type and date of each dose of vaccine (month and year as minimum).  Measles, rubella and/or mumps vaccine given in the month of the first birthday, month, day and year are required.
  • Name of physician or clinic who administered the vaccine

Immunization records are reviewed by school staff to verify compliance.  Resources are provided to assist families in obtaining needed immunizations.  In rare instances, exemptions can be elected.


Physical Examination

All kindergarten students must have an examination no more than six months prior to entering Kindergarten.  (If exam is completed between 6-12 months prior to Kindergarten entrance, another physical exam will be required prior to entering first grade.)

All first grade students must have an examination no more than 18 months prior to first grade entry.