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On-line registration for all new students

2014-2015 school year!

Go to www.iusd.org/Enrollment and complete the registration process. Then bring all required paperwork, including Residency Verification & Affidavit forms you can print from the website, into the Greentree office by June 27th, or go to One Stop Registration from

July 8-Aug 14.

One Stop Registration

Jeffrey Trails Middle School

55 Visions, Irvine

(Located north of the 5 freeway/off Trabuco Rd)




Parents of All

Greentree Students

If you did not turn in your Residency Verification & Affidavit forms to the school office for the 2014-2015 school year as requested since March, your child has not been placed in an IUSD school in September!

July 8 - Aug 14 you can take these completed forms with your 2 proofs of residency to One Stop Registration. If Greentree no longer has space for your child, he/she will be placed in another Irvine School.

One Stop Registration

Jeffrey Trails Middle School

55 Visions, Irvine

(Located north of the 5 freeway/off Trabuco Rd)

CLICK HERE for forms

Aug 26 School Office Re-Opens
Sept 2

First Day of School for 2014-2015 School Year


Kindergarten Students all on Early Bird Schedule 8:00-11:20am

Grades 1-3 * 8:05am - 1:00pm

Grades 4-6 * 7:55am - 12:58pm

Sept 2

New Kindergarten Parent Orientation at 8:30 AM

in the Little Theater.

There will be no Back To School Night for

Kindergarten Parents.

Sept 11

Back To School Night - Grades 1-6

Sept 30 School Pictures
News and Announcements


Ralphs Community Contribution Program


By shopping at Ralphs you can help Greentree and your own child's Outdoor Ed costs!

When you register as a participant in the community contributions program under the Ralphs website, a percentage of every dollar spent will come back to Greentree on a quarterly basis. We deposit this money into a special account to help support our 6th Grade Outdoor Science Education program ~ and keep the costs down for your child to attend Outdoor Ed when he/she reaches 6th grade.

Since Ralphs no longer sends us the contribution list of names, the checks from Kroger have unfortunately decreased significantly due to non-participation! HOWEVER, the good news is we have just been informed that

IF YOU BRING the school office a copy of your own quarterly print-out showing your personal contributions for the past quarter, we will credit your child this amount toward their own 6th grade Outdoor Education.

  • Register every September and name Greentree as the receiving school.
  • Print Quarterly Statement (from on-line) and bring to school office.
  • Your credits will be assigned to your child to help reduce the cost of their 6th grade Outdoor Education.

Anyone can register who has a Ralph's Card including relatives and friends who name Greentree as the receiving school. In those cases, you must also bring in the relative or friends' statements so we can credit your child whatever shows on their statement as well.

Starting in September, please join or register again for the

2014-2015 school year!

Step by step website registration instructions can be found at

www.ralphs.com or click HERE




On-Line Access

K-6 Textbooks 2013-2014

If your child forgets his/her Language Arts or Math textbook/workbook at school, there is no longer a reason NOT to be able to complete homework! Click Here to find simple steps to access any of these texts online.


K-3 - Social Science SCOTT FORESMAN On-Line

Click Here



To view the upper grade homework assignments, go to Greentree Staff and click on the teacher's name.


Thank you Target Shoppers!

Thank you to our parents, teachers, and other supporters for helping Greentree benefit everytime you shop at Target with your REDcard. Target donates up to 1% of each purchase to our school. Be sure to designate Greentree as the elgible school under Target's Take Charge of Education program.

To learn more about the program, visit Target.com/TCOE


We would be grateful if you saved your used ink cartridges over the summer and donated them to Greentree in September.

The school will continue to receive dollars when we send

them for recycling!

All HPs are accepted as well as many other major brands.

However, please know that the school cannot accept empty toner bottles, drums or Konica Minolta products.

Any Orange County company can participate and name Greentree as the school they support! Contact Kaye in the school office if your company is interested so pick-up can begin. Weekly or monthly pick-ups from the company can be arranged.



Plastic Bottle & Aluminum Can

Recycling Fundraiser



Greentree welcomes your aluminum cans and plastic bottles for recycling

Click Here for Details

Non-Profit Organization

Community Flyers

Click on the following link to view approved community flyers

or to submit a request to post your organization's flyer...


Under "Elementary", choose Greentree to view approved flyers

Lunch Menu

For lunch menus, go to IUSD.org, click on Lunch Program and then click on "Elementary Schools"