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"Sea of Donors"

Our annual "Sea of Donors" fundraiser is underway until the end of February. This year, we hope we raise enough to purchase 12 computers for the media center, 15 more iPads, and at least 2 more wi-fi access points for wireless devices. Our goal is $15,000 and if every family donates just $25, we will reach our goal. Families who donate $100 or more will receive an inscribed ceramic boat on a "Sea of Donors" wall. Please use the following form to send in your donation to your advisor or the front office!

Sea of Donors Fundraiser 2015 Form

Sea of Donors


The California Assessment of Student Peformance and Progress (CAASPP) is Coming in April!

Click below for the the CAASPP parent letter. More information to follow.

CAASSPP Parent Letter 2015


Calendar 2014-2015

Date Event Time & Place

February 5 - February 28

Sea of Donors Donation Form

Where Do My Donations Go?

"Sea of Donors" Annual Fundraiser

Sea of Donors Wall

Donations Accepted in Advisement & Front Office

Our Goal is $15,000!!

Wedenesday, February 23

Talent Show Auditions

3:15 in the PA

Tuesday, February 24

Science Fair

Science Fair Awards Ceremony

9 - 12 PM Irvine High

6 - 8 PM

Friday, February 27
2015-2016 ASB General Election
AM Advisement

Mariners of the Month