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San Joaquin High School
3387 Barranca Parkway, Room N18
Irvine, CA 92606

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The entire staff at San Joaquin High School would like to welcome you to the school year. The dedicated staff at San Joaquin works on behalf of parents and students to ensure that the education your child receives is meaningful, relevant, and rigorous. San Joaquin High School is a college preparatory 9-12 Independent Study school that is designed to meet the unique educational needs of students who can benefit from learning in an independent setting. San Joaquin High School is WASC accredited and NCAA Approved.

About San Joaquin

In 1981 the Irvine Unified School District created an Independent Study Program and was renamed San Joaquin High School in 1988.  San Joaquin High School is an optional, alternative school where students are required to study 20+ hours a week on their own, including at least one hour of classroom instruction weekly. In addition, students are also required to meet with a teacher one hour a week.  To be successful, a student must exhibit maturity, personal discipline, and independence. The amount of on-site, school class work may vary according to student needs as determined by the teacher. San Joaquin High School is open to anyone who wishes to earn a high school diploma. If the student is under eighteen, their current high school counselor must make the referral and the student must attend an orientation conference with his/her parents. A final decision regarding enrollment at San Joaquin High School will be made after the initial meeting.



  • Meets student needs/ability levels while satisfying California and IUSD requirements for high school graduation
  • Program flexibility allows students with extenuating circumstances or work conflicts to complete high school
  • Students meet weekly and receive 20 hours of academic work required to complete by the following meeting
  • Oral and written assessments given each meeting
  • Physical education course credits available
  • Students required to earn additional credits in off-site activities (i.e., work experience, Coastline Regional Occupational Program (ROP), community college courses, internships, etc.) while completing academic course credits at SJHS
  • Academic and career counseling available

Independent Study is not an easier way to earn credits or a quick way to graduate. Independent Study is an alternative to classroom instruction, not an alternative curriculum. Independent Study requires a high degree of personal responsibility. Students who do not meet the school expectations will be withdrawn and referred to another placement.


If You Have Further Questions, Please Call (949) 936-7440.


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