IUSD Elementary Music Program Information


4th, 5th & 6th Grade

Elementary Music Program

Dear IUSD parent:

            The Irvine Unified School District is recognized as a leader in arts education. As a result of generous contributions from the Irvine Company and the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, all students in grades four through six will receive two 40-minute music lessons per week, taught by highly qualified credentialed music educators.

  • 6th Graders student choices:

            1. Advanced Strings (minimum two school years of experience)

            2. Advanced Winds (minimum one school year of experience)

            3. Vocal Music

                (Note: this program does not apply to the 6th graders at Plaza Vista or Vista Verde since they are middle                 school music program.)

  • 5th Graders student choices:

            1. Intermediate Strings (minimum one school year of experience)

            2. Beginning Winds (Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone or Baritone)

            3. Vocal Music

  • 4th Graders student choices:

            1. Beginning Strings (Violin, Viola or Cello)

            2. Vocal Music


Register your child’s information and choice of music class by Wednesday August 7, 2013. 


Click here to access the MUSIC CLASS SELECTION FORM

If you do not have access to this site or would prefer a paper form, please see your child’s music teacher.

Music Parent Information Night:

Would you like more information on the music program? If so, please join us on Monday August 5, 2013 at 7-8 pm in the Theater of University High School (4771 Campus Drive) to meet with our elementary music staff!  Our staff will be available to answer all questions regarding IUSD’s elementary music program.

Instrument Program Information:

  • An instrument and materials can be provided for students, however, traditionally over ninety-five percent of families have provided their child with a musical instrument either by the use of a family-owned instrument or renting from an agency such as the Irvine Public Schools Foundation Instrumental Rental Program. If you would like an instrument to be provided for your child, please contact your child’s music teacher.  Please see below for music teacher contact information.

  • Instruments come in different sizes to fit the size of each child. Teachers will size the students so parents will know the correct size instrument for their child.

  • If you break an instrument during the school year, first bring it to the music teacher; we may be able to repair it quickly at school. If the instrument requires additional repair, you must take it back to the place you rented it from. Do not try to fix it on your own; this may cause more damage.

  • We recommend new instrumental students that choose rent their instrument over purchase their instrument, because your child may not continue with the instrument after one year; the size of the string instrument changes as your child grows; buying a cheaper instrument may seem more cost effective than renting, but may result in poor performance.

  • If you choose to rent an instrument, please consider renting from the IPSF instrumental rental program.  Proceeds from the IPSF Rental Program goes back to support music instruction for every child in grades 4-6.
  • If you rent an instrument you can expect the case inside to be clean and vacuumed. The instrument should have no tape or stickers used by previous renters. Minor scratches are fine, but the instrument should not have any major dents, cracks, or missing parts.

IPSF Instrumental Rental Day:  August 9, 2013 from 8 am—12 Noon at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School.  Please click here for more information.

Vocal Program Information:

  • The purpose of this class is to give every student the opportunity to experience the joy of singing and performing, while developing the voice as an instrument.  Proper vocal technique will be emphasized, as well as skills in reading music and singing in harmony.  Your child will explore a wide variety of music styles and the program will stress the importance of responsibility, commitment, and teamwork.  Through this musical experience, your child’s creativity, self-esteem, and self-discipline will flourish.

Music Teacher Contact List for Year Round Schools

Causey, Casey- Strings

Plaza Vista, Vista Verde


DeCarlo, Karen - Winds
Springbrook, Stone Creek, University Park,
Woodbury, Westpark

Fulleman, Suzie- Vocal
Vista Verde
(949) 936-6394

Ghiassi, Mark - Winds
Plaza Vista, Vista Verde
(949) 936-5222 ext. 2080

Perona, Marilyn - Vocal
Springbrook, University Park, Woodbury, Stone
Creek, Westpark
(949) 936-5222 ext. 2056

Rohrs, Elizabeth – Strings
Springbrook, Stone Creek, University Park,
Woodbury, Westpark

Turrell, Erica - Vocal
Plaza Vista Elem and MS
(949) 936-5222 ext. 2031

Click here to access the MUSIC CLASS SELECTION FORM